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Core Values

Our core value are:


We engage in first principles thinking, that is, we break down the process of learning and teaching into its core parts and ask how we can improve each part of the process. This process by default questions old ways, philosophies, and paradigms of teaching and learning. This process leads to new methods and paradigms. 


We are inspired by stories from real life of learners who once struggled but managed to turn their lives around either through a teacher or through personal change. Stories like those of Jaime Escalante, Marva Collins, and Daniel Kilov.


We desire to inspire an interest for math and science amongst our students and other audience members. Passion is the core drivers of any constructive process.


We hope the methodologies and strategies are accessible to all people, whether rich or poor, man or women, old and young, to all races and backgrounds. 


We believe that math and science knowledge are inherently good for the advancement of humanity as a whole. We hope that the knowledge, wonder, and growth that we create is channeled into the well-being of society as a whole. 

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