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My Story

My name is Oscar Torres. I was raised in Las Vegas, and my parents are from Mexico. I've been teaching/tutoring for the past six years in a variety of subjects, from ballroom dance, to conversational Spanish, and now math and physics. I enjoy Latin social dancing, guitar, and rock climbing!


My love for teaching started from an early age and continues to this day. I was in eighth grade and my first students were a group of sixth graders who struggled in math. I taught SAT seminars at my high school, public speaking classes, and leadership classes.

​I daydream about giving lectures to auditoriums after retiring or ways I would explain concepts that were difficult for me to grasp. Two of my favorite films are "Stand and Deliver" and "The Marva Collins Story", which are about teachers inspire unmotivated and seemingly hopeless students in underserved areas. 

I was the best student in my high school, no one could touch me. It came at a price, however. I dedicated no time to friends, vacations, video games, etc. You could say I was obsessed. What drove me? I become very interested in deep philosophical questions like why do we exist? Is there a purpose to life? What is the difference between right and wrong? This made me want to go to an elite college and major in physics and philosophy so I could explore my curiosities. And I did! I graduated from Pomona College (one of the most prestigious small private liberal arts schools) with a B.A. in physics and philosophy. 

Who am I?

My name is Oscar Torres. After graduating from Pomona college, I dedicated myself full time to teaching students online in math and physics. I learned the ins and outs of the AP Physics, Calculus, and SAT math section, quickly getting myself up to a 5 on the AP tests and 800 on the SAT. I feel like the educational system does not implement the most efficient and effective learning strategies and embed them in how I and other QMP tutors teach. 

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