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Looking for a high-pay, low-stress work from home, flexible job?

We are looking for math, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and other STEM tutors! QMP Tutors are held to the highest pedagogical standards, and are awarded with the following perks:

-Pay: $25/hr (with the possibility of a raise)

-Flexible: work as long as you want, for however many hours you want!

-Remote: work anywhere you want as long as you have a high speed internet connection and a laptop!

-Subjects: teach the subjects you are competent in!

-Fun: Work 1 - on - 1 with students and help them achieve their academic goals!

QMP Tutors are distinguished in the following ways:

-They are trained in 21st century teaching methodologies 
-They have prior experience tutoring/training/teaching
-They are sociable, friendly, and patient
-They offer competitive rates in comparison to other companies
-They are results oriented, whether it be grades, scores, or mastery
-They are flexible with student's schedules
-They are equipped with the best technology for online tutoring
-They are communicative with both parents and students
-They are dependable
-They can make up for each others weakness
-They are hassle free engage and work with

-They are focused
-They are open to feedback

If this sounds like you, please email your resume, current/previous transcripts, and test scores to the email below for consideration!

Chalkboard Drawings

Our goal is to not only help students how to do their homework and tests, but to instill a love of learning, and independent critical thinking skills necessary to pursue whatever intellectual endeavor they choose to pursue!

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